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The feature, developed with the non-profit group Rock the Vote, aims to boost political engagement among young Americans and help them learn more about key issues.

Trump's America

Those who want more information can tap on a question and see the details. From there, you can share who you matched with on social and — most importantly — easily register to vote with Rock the Vote. The launch comes as some grassroots political activists, notably young women, are reportedly using Tinder to send messages to their matches promoting candidates such as Democrat Bernie Sanders or Republican Marco Rubio, who has now suspended his campaign.

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First posted March 24, Don't get ticked off if you don't get the right score, you just need to keep your eye on the prize. By Middle East correspondent Eric Tlozek.

Here's Tinder's Trick to Get Millennials Thinking About Politics

The family of Arab-Israeli student Aiia Maasarwe, who was found dead in Melbourne this week, urge Australian authorities to bring her killer to justice. Regardless of the public contempt Tomic and Kyrgios have earned with their ill-chosen words, their grievances must be heard as part of the high performance review. Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz for Republican presidential race. For this year's midterm election, in addition to the group's traditional events, Rock the Vote is providing toolkits for people to host their own " vote fest " to integrate voting and discussion of voting into regular social gatherings.

Socializing the voting process is the goal of the organization Vote Together, which helps voters plan ballot parties to help mobilize for the midterms. The group has also planned five larger scale events at polling locations in North Carolina and Florida to make voting like a celebration.

Four weeks into the longest shutdown in U. The facility is facing scrutiny after another patient in a vegetative state unexpectedly gave birth. All congressional travel using government transportation will be prohibited until the government reopens. Spanish boy Julen Rosello fell into the narrow waterhole five days ago and hasn't been heard, but there's still hope he's alive.

Authorities say ELN, the only remaining active rebel group in the country, behind the deadliest attack in more than a decade. New season of "Star Trek: The streaming service, which added 8. Saturn's rings may have formed during the age of dinosaurs — but compared to the planet, that's not that old.

The Trump presidency

Some are outright abandoned by people who quit paying storage fees while some couples are struggling with tough decisions. NASA managers and engineers continue to oversee critical missions amid shutdown chaos. Facebook said it discovered two large disinformation operations as part of its fight against fake news. An unusual lunar eclipse will unfold Sunday night — and it will be hard to miss if you stay up.

Rock the vote dating app.

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Third Rock's Why Vote

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  5. Companies try to get out the vote as Election Day approaches;
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  7. Tinder for Politicos? New Political Dating App Aims at Young Voters.

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