Dating and timing medical records

The medical record belongs to the patient. The answer is NOT to avoid or shy away from documenting in the medical record.

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Documenting is a critical component to the delivery of healthcare. It is a tool to: Document intelligently and clearly. Below are a few tips to help protect against an allegation of falsifying a medical record:. There are times when an addendum to the chart is necessary.

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A progress note written two years post care, on the day you receive a notice from an attorney, is not the appropriate time to be making an entry. Documentation is a form of communication… it should be done timely. When an addendum is made it may be necessary to also verbally communicate this information to appropriate care givers.

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This practice is interpreted as self serving and can do nothing, but chip away at your credibility. Post an event, communication is paramount--verbal and written communication. As with any note, facts only.

Documentation is only as valuable as the legibility of the note. If a note is not readable due to penmanship or articulation then it serves no purpose and can do more damage. The first thing done in court is to enlarge the medical record and have the author of given note read it.

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Countless times, care givers have not been able to read aloud what they authored in the medical record. This serves also to chip away at the credibility of the provider. Abbreviations have lead to many a medical error. Get familiar with it and use it. No exceptions, no excuses. This also applies to discharge instructions.

Patients do not understand qid, bid, etc.

Documentation - How Important Is It?

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