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Thank you very much for your cooperation. Life married to a firefighter. Previous 1 2 template Next. Life married to a firefighter , I love her with all my heart but I do know that her having this career will take somewhat of a toll on our relationship. I just want to know how you do it. How do you stand knowing that the person you love is risking their life every day? Well, I'm the firefighter and my wife doesn't post on here, so I'll just give you what I think her reply would be. I have never been happier at any other job, even when I was active duty military. This happiness not only shows on the job, but makes me much more energetic and pleasant at home.

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She will learn what you can handle and what you can't. For example, I tell my wife about few of the children we've had to help since I know she will take those cases to heart. She'll also be given a lot of protective equipment. Although some of the stuff we do may seem insane to people outside the fire service, it's calculated risks and there are usually redundancies of safeties built in.

Once she is hired maybe wait until after probation, depending on the climate of the dept , see if they'll let you do a ride along, even if it isn't with her.

Life married to a firefighter

Meet the people she works with. Remember that they will become a very close group because they depend on each other for their safety. Don't be jealous of this or else it will destroy your relationship with her. A lot of times everyone and their families hang out during their off duty times. Go to the river together, have BBQs, go to sporting events, kids playing together, etc.

And remember, there are very few depts like you see in the movies. Most of us aren't running from fire to fire to fire putting ourselves in harm's way every few minutes. When I met him he was an accountant, graduating from EMS training. He, at the time was just a call firefighter, with no major plans to become a firefighter full time. Not even a year into the relationship he decided that he was going to quit his job and go back to school to become a paramedic.

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He has now been a full time paramedic for over 2 years, and I am still just as worried for him as I was then. Its a major adjustment. The schedule can be crazy, and there is a chance that she could get seriously hurt. But your wife has a greater chance of being in a car accident than actually getting seriously hurt at work. I have to keep reminding myself that. She's in good hands, and they take all the precautions possible. My fear is real, as is yours for your wife.

I dont talk to him about my fears though, because what good would that do. Some nights I have nightmares, but he doesn't need to be worrying about me when he's saving someone's life. I handle it by staying busy, not thinking about it. I don't freak out when he doesn't answer his phone, cuz he's probably on a call. And I breath, and take it one day at a time.

You have to get use to life getting disrupted, and maybe one day you'll get use to it. I hope this helps. This is actually boondock's wife posting under his account. But there are also things that are positives as well. The risk that you asked about: I worry about firefighting risks, but also about job related stress, the exposure to carcinogens, vehicle crashes on the way to or from a scene, and violent patients or bystanders. Forgiveness and love go a long long way on both parts. It is an important job, that men and women are called to, otherwise they couldn't stuck with it.

My husband tells me that he couldn't do it if he didn't have me. Spouses of emergency workers take a beating in a different way and no less important. My tendency would be to live a routine if it weren't for my husband. Instead, I stay up late to spend time with him because his body clock is up, which means that I may need to go back to sleep once the kids are at school and he is off again.

This feels lazy, but it is sometimes necessary. I have to be willing to bend to the schedule of my husband just as he had to adopt it. It is a mess sometimes, and ten sometimes we find a groove, but mostly I we just have to be ok with being messy. People often give up trying to be our friends because it is such a complicated schedule, and that is part of the price we pay. Thankfully, he is my best friend and we just have to make extra efforts to show people that we really do want to be their friends even if we are difficult to nail down. Maybe I should start a blog myself! Thanks for your blog post!

How do I help my firefighter cope when he has a bad call? When he saw the last face of a person he once knew? His station does have group meetings after a bad call and they all talk about it but sometimes thats not enough. What can I do? There isn't much you can do but be supportive. If he seems to continue to have problems such as nightmares or PTSD issues I would see a counselor and go from there. It is so hard especially in smaller departments when everyone knows everyone in the community. It can be pretty traumatizing. My Fiance is looking into doing firefighting. We are both trying to be prayerful about if this is a good route for him and for us. Any advise on how to tell if this is something we as individuals or our marriage will be able to handle?

You need to be able to be independent and be able to be alone a lot. Can you handle emergencies on your own?

EMS Dating

Are you able to sleep by yourself?