Dangers of gay online dating

Dr Rosewarne believes if people limited their interactions with a person to online only, just texting for example, then it was easier to lie and be lied to. NSW Police released safety tips for people dating online following the year-old who was attacked by the three men just after 12am on Sunday. They warned never to give out personal details like your name, home address, phone number, private email address, details of where you work or recreational activities.

Police also advised against using a webcam with a stranger and organising face-to-face meetings with somebody you have only chatted to online.

Angela Jay was attacked by a man she met on Tinder. Ms Jay called off her relationship with Paul Lambert and he began stalking her, and planned to rape and burn her with petrol before killing her in her NSW north coast home. After meeting her on Tinder and going on a number of dates, he told the woman he no longer wanted to see her and she began harassing him.

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Woman met Joseph Lazarus on Tinder and allegedly turned his life into a "nightmare". Log in No account? Sign up Log out news.

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Several hours later he woke up in an unfamiliar room, alone. He believes his drink was spiked, and told me he doesn't know what happened to him whilst he was unconscious - and doesn't want to think about it. Ben didn't report his experience to the police, but others have done - and in increasing numbers.


Secrets and dangers: gay Yangon’s online dating scene

The applications may not have been used directly in the crime they're linked to, but they have been mentioned in police reports. The numbers might be relatively small - Tinder says it's had more than 10bn matches on its app.

How to overcome these pitfalls

But campaigners say they are cause for concern and are likely just a fraction of the true figure. There are calls for greater awareness of the dangers of dating apps.


In a statement Tinder said: The problem is that, beyond a handful of pictures and a couple of lines of text, you have little knowledge of a person's true intentions. Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says a public education campaign is needed, warning that the isolated, vulnerable and those desperate to meet a partner are being preyed upon both sexually and financially.

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