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Ally glances up from her place behind the cash register. No time to text you, huh? It's not like I can't go to the beach here, though, so I wasn't too bummed. A winter break hook up could definitely explain why he hadn't bothered to text her. Not that she's rooting for such a reason. Thankfully, Austin looks mildly offended at her insinuation, and she breathes a bit easier.

But just a tiny bit. She swallows, ready to discuss her Boxing Day gift, but Austin goes on: Austin's return to normal conversation momentarily throws her. Dad left for the Intercontinental Kazoo Conference a couple of days ago, so I've pretty much been here the entire time. Not checking my phone. Because that would be against store policy and why would I need to check my phone? Well, a further waste of money," Ally adds as she takes in the almost empty store.

Unsurprisingly, a small music shop isn't people's first or even seventh stop on New Year's Eve. Ally waits for him to continue, but instead he just stands there expectantly. One of the reasons I was so busy this week is because I was trying to figure a few things out—".

Shouldn't the last day of the year matter, not just the evening? Ally cocks her head to the side, seriously considering his question, weird as it is. I mean, no one gets off for the day unless it's a gift of the employer or something. Then again, no one technically gets off Christmas Eve Day either, and lots of people view that as a holiday. Ally twists her nose, not really sure of the point of this discussion — maybe to convince her father to close the store all day next year so they can plan that huge New Year's Eve party Austin and Trish had wanted for tonight?

She hardly sees that working out in their favor.

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He reaches over, cups her face in his hands, and kisses her. And not a brief brushing of the lips like she'd done almost a week earlier. No, this is a body-pressed-up-against-hers, tongue-tracing-her-lips sort of kiss. Ally's frozen brain begins to thaw, but just as she parts her lips he breaks away. His hands fall to her shoulders as he tells her with the most self-satisfied expression she has ever seen, "Happy New Year's Eve Day, Ally. Just turns around and jauntily makes his way out of the shop, which she supposes is only fair given it is exactly what she had done to him — if you replaced a quick peck on the lips with a heated kiss, of course.

It is at this very moment that Trish decides to stop in for one of her many visits. She brushes past Austin, a confused expression appearing on her face as she takes in his overly delighted manner. Ally watches, still in a slightly dazed state, as Trish turns back around and her eyes fall on her best friend. She leans against the counter for support. She had spent almost the entire week waiting for a freaking text message , and instead…. She should have known better — this is the guy who attempted to parachute in a piano and then serenaded her in front of her friends and family.

Of course he would see her … whatever it was her Boxing Day thing had been and raise her an almost make out. He just came in here, kissed you, and left? And then he wanted to know if New Year's Eve Day could count as a holiday … and when I said it could … he kissed me.

Clearly you two are as crazy for each other as ever. And doing completely bizarre things as a result," Trish adds under her breath. Trish rolls her eyes. You two already act like you're together, just minus all the PDA. How exactly will your lives drastically change if you start dating again? Ally racks her brain for one of the many excuses she and Austin have created over the past year, but all she can come up with this time is a rather pitiful "reporters will keep bothering us for interviews about our relationship?

Unsurprisingly, this fails to sway Trish. You might as well get hot make out sessions while you're at it. And then Austin made up some bullshit reason to finally get that kiss. And don't feed me that 'our careers' line again — if Taylor Swift has taught us anything, it's that relationships are the perfect fodder for Billboard hits. Ally furrows her brow.

At least half of Taylor Swift's hits are about break ups. If not more than half. And I promise not to be completely offended if you don't say it's when you're with me. Ally narrows her eyes, still unsure, but finally she admits, "When I'm with Austin. And I'll be a little less if you tell me I'm a very, very close second.

Although it also wouldn't hurt if you released 'Redial' as your first single. Ally lets out a small sigh. If I'm being completely honest, I … think you're right. Remember everything we said before about why we shouldn't date? Let's just pretend that never happened. Ally glances down at her watch: That's not nearly enough time to get ready and figure out a way to one-up Austin.

She barely noticed that his mouth had left her sex until she felt his lips against her one more, his tongue sliding into her mouth as he swallowed every sound that escaped her. She could taste herself on him and it almost surprised her how arousing it was. He was using his thumb to stimulate her clit now, while his fingers increased their pace, and she was so close, so close.

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Pleasure exploded in electrical waves that shook her whole body and woke up every single one of her nerves. Her back arched, breaths and moans got stuck in her throat, and she was no longer able to move her lips against Austin's, to do anything beside thrusting against his hand to ride out her orgasm. He sucked on her neck, not stilling his fingers until she finally relaxed and slumped back against the mattress. She was panting and a thin layer of sweat covered her forehead. It was a sweeter kiss than the previous ones, tongue-less, with his hand on her cheek and his eyelashes tickling her eyelids.

She grinned back at him, her cheeks flushed, but before she could reply, the noise of the door opening downstairs startled them apart. He rushed out and closed the door behind him, leaving Ally to fall back on the pillows with a stupid smile on her face.

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She couldn't believe she'd just gone to third base with him, even less that she was about to have sex with him. What are you doing home? I thought you were staying at Piper's tonight," she heard his mom say. And brush your teeth! Ally sat back up just as he opened the door just enough to slip back inside. He offered her an awkward smile. Her eyes traveled down to the pretty visible bulge in his pants and when she looked back up, he was redder than her dress.

She hid a laugh behind her hand. He looked stunned, but she was pretty confident as she got up from the bed and walked up to him, still standing next to the door.

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She turned off the light, then kissed him while she took off his shirt for the second time and let it fall on the floor. Then, without much warning nor hesitation, she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, pushing them down until they pooled around his ankles. She started kissing his chest, running her tongue over the outline of his abs, coming back up to gently bite one of his nipples. He almost fell back against the door, loudly.

She was too busy pulling his boxers down to answer, her tongue circling his belly button. Her hand closed around the base of his erection. She knew he wasn't at all expecting that she'd take him into her mouth, but anything he could've said remained stuck in his throat when his breath hitched, his hand automatically running to dip into her hair as she started sucking, bobbing her head back and forth. Absolutely nothing wrong," he assured her, and then pulled her up and kissed her. His breath was still hard. He ran his thumb on her cheekbone and smiled at her. She watched him walk to his dresser, butt naked, and suddenly realized she was way overdressed.

She swallowed a giggle and pulled down the zipper of her dress to let it fall on the ground.

She stepped out of it and nudged it aside with her foot, then looked up at Austin, who'd set the condom on his nightstand and was staring at her with a weird light in her eyes. She blushed, very aware of the fact that even if it was dark, they both were completely naked. He got closer and touched her arm, his eyes dark and filled with too many emotions to count.

There was still a ghost of a smile on his lips, and he looked gorgeous. He made another step, and she had to look up to see his eyes, and her heart was beating so fast, too fast. He touched her lips with his, just barely, and she could still taste herself on him, and she knew he tasted himself on her as well. She'b been with Gavin and it had been great but this, this was indescribable. This was almost too much, and still she couldn't possibly picture having enough.

Suddenly, she felt scared. She knew that if she ever lost him again, it would destroy her.