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I don't know how else to articulate your argument, the logic of your argument applied in other instances leads to 'black people shouldn't go out in public in certain parts of the south. So there is no mechanism by which people stop being racist? Racism is a necessary condition? There are actual stories from former racists about them changing their attitudes in response to seeing something that contradicted their racist attitudes, so I think it is certainly possible to change peoples attitudes. Further, I think it is a 'great' not a 'bad' idea to attempt to change these attitudes.

I think that people who undergo such attempts are praiseworthy I would praise them. Racism is not at all a necessary condition, but it is a belief system that cannot easily be unlearned in most cases. The logic of my argument applies only to certain cases, and it cannot be extended past its scope without engaging in the straw man fallacy.

Saying 'my logic only applies to certain cases and cannot be extended past its scope' is an admission that your logic is unsound, especially since you're not describing the scope or the relevant cases that it extends to.

Sure, individuals will have to contend with their families' attitudes, and if their family cannot accept the individual marrying a person of another race such that they are going to be exiled from their family, that fact will obviously affect whether or not an individual decides to marry someone of another race.

So you are correct, people have to deal with racist attitudes, since the attitudes exist people HAVE TO contend with them, however what I'm arguing is that just because people have to confront the fact of racism doesn't mean they SHOULD have to confront the fact of racism. And further, it is praiseworthy honorable if you'd like, i'm using the broadest adjective i can think of to reject attitudes that are evil, even though I wouldn't blame someone for not going through with a mixed-marriage if it meant their family would banish them.

I also am highly skeptical of your conception of racist attitudes. I honestly believe that many people who are racist or homophobic are that way due to ignorance they never interact with other races or they think they don't know any homosexuals , and so the more people who live in rejection of these attitudes, the less common these attitudes will become. This is a more reasonable opinion; I feel that I have finally gotten you to acknowledge that racist attitudes may play a role in making some decisions. However, I am a very pragmatic individual, and I tend to focus on reality and not on what should be.

In an ideal society, racial divisions would not be a problem; however, we do not live in an ideal society, and it must be acknowledged that American culture as a whole is not racially tolerant. Also, I fail to understand why you are "highly skeptical" of my conception of racist attitudes. For this reason, I can continue to argue that interracial marriage is usually a bad idea. People should live their lives for themselves. I'm not admonishing people who don't have interracial marriages, but I definitely think that people who do have them are contributing to the reduction of attitudes opposed to interracial marriage.

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And that is just as valid a view point. Basically what I'm articulating is that for the people who do engage in interracial marriage, they've weighed the potential consequences and what they perceive to be benefits such as the benefit of marrying someone you love and decided that it IS worth it, that it IS a good idea for them. Further, one of the benefits they might consider is the normalization of interracial marriage, it is certainly worthy. And I don't think you can generalize by saying that 'for most people it is a bad idea,' as you aren't the one in the situation weighing the consequences.

Why is this a bad argument? Facing discrimination is unpleasant, and someone who possesses a rational decision-making process would seek to avoid unpleasant consequences. I would never claim that I am capable of telling others what is best for them; my objections are based off of the societal prejudice that will be faced by the children and future descendants of interracial couples. Also, interracial marriage with stigmatized racial groups will never become normalized; history has continually taught this lesson.

Thus, it is not wrong for me to say that interracial marriage is generally a bad idea. Only way we're going to break this idiotic tribal behavior that creates racism is to just mix it up until we find some other reason to classify each other. Biracial children have the benefit of having genetic diversity above and beyond what any "pure" ethnicity will have. World's changing, bi-racial children are becoming more and more the norm, in my daughter's class, it's about one in five outnumbering any single ethnicity except Indian.

Extended family that doesn't want to get to know you isn't family, it's deadwood on the family tree. Family is about much more than blood, blood is by chance, family is by choice. Unfortunately, even if everyone in the country was of mixed racial background, racism would not disappear.

People identify as white, brown, or black depending on the nature of their physical appearance rather than their ancestral lineage. This is a double-edged sword. In many ways, it is an advantage obviously, a biracial person will be less likely to aquire a recessive genetic disorder such as cystic fibrosis ; unfortunately, this does have its own unique set of problems I have often heard that it is difficult to find organ transplants for people of mixed racial background.

Overall, people of mixed racial background are still relatively uncommon and do not make up a large segment of the population. There are plenty of communities that do care quite a bit about ethnicity. Unfortunately, racist attitudes are very commonplace in almost all ethnic groups including my own.

Interracial Dating Destroys Diversity - Interracial Dating is Wrong

Personally, I would feel quite hurt if I knew that members of my own family wanted nothing to do with me solely because of my parents. This is a societal problem, not one that should be placed on the shoulders of a potential interracial married couple. Children raised by gay parents might face discrimination; should we continue to discourage gay marriage? The end goal is to have everyone accepted for who they are, and if we're going to get there we need everyone to confront these issues directly. If we discourage mixed-race children because the black and white communities won't accept them, then the black and white communities will never learn to accept them.

From the moment a biracial child is born, they are tossed into a sociological no-mans land; there is no guarantee that they will be accepted by either ethnicity or even by their own extended families. They will face all of the societal problems that I have described, even though they are not at fault in any way. Overall, ethnic prejudice dies hard, and I do not think that the major racial communities are getting over their mutually-held prejudices at any point in the future. In our current times, mixed race kids are often being raised by both of their parents or by a single parent of the opposite race; from what I have personally observed, some in the black community consider mixed race people to be untrustworthy and "too white" because of their parentage.

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Unfortunately, the views of the white community on this matter are also deplorable; interracial relationships especially interracial relationships with blacks are strongly disliked by most racist whites, and this leads them to also discriminate against any individual who is the product of such unions. And, also, the legacy of anti-miscegenation laws which were primarily created to maintain white supremacist power structures still colors white perception of biracial individuals as well. But look at how things are now compared to decades ago.

True, the situation is not good now, but it's definitely better than it was before. We don't have a "one drop" rule, and racism is becoming more and more socially unacceptable because the black community is much more vocal and prominent in our shared media and culture. I really do think it can continue to get better.

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How people will react to children of mixed couples will change as the practice become more common. There once was a time when children whose parents were divorced or who were born out of wedlock were treated differently. Now, those things are so common people don't even bat an eye at the idea. Children whose parents are gay are still treated poorly, yet that doesn't mean that they still don't have two people at home who love them thoroughly.

Surely, that is more important. The only way to make things change is to embrace these children for who they are, not who their parents are. This isn't the type of thing that has to get discussed "typically. In addition, each individual couple will be able to weigh for themselves whether the family friction that may be generated by interracial dating is worth the benefits of the specific union in question. Talking about this "typically" is a little bit like saying "typically, eating zucchini is a bad idea" because many people dislike zucchini.

It's not very meaningful, when each decision to eat or not eat zucchini will be made by an individual who doesn't care at all whether zucchini is, on average, disliked no offense, zucchini lovers.

Debate Argument: Interracial Dating Destroys Diversity - Interracial Dating is Wrong |

Mixed-race children are certainly more likely to face some troubles. But they may grow up to be more open-minded and well-rounded people, for having been exposed to two different cultures. They may even channel the things that they've learned and do something important when they grow up. You're focused entirely on the cost side of the equation - the challenges biracial children may face - and not at all on the benefits - a person is brought into this world with the potential to be a happy, productive member of society. Just because they might face some special challenges does not mean that their lives are not worth creating.

After all, if we accepted the idea that the prejudice our children will face makes it immoral for us to bring them into the world in the first place, you could argue that no minority should have children, not just mixed-race kids. Last, you seem to view the societal pressures facing mixed-race children as static and uniform.

In reality, they will vary a great deal based on the community that you are in and the time period we're talking about. It may be really tough to be a mixed-race kid in Alabama in , but maybe it's not as bad to be a mixed-race kid in San Francisco in , and it will almost certainly be even better in both places in That's like saying it's a bad idea for black people to have children because they'll face hardships and racism.

Obviously it's the racists who are wrong, and we shouldn't cater to their preferences. This is not a matter of catering to the preferences of racists; this is a simple matter of ensuring a good quality of life for children. And frankly, our current society has too many prejudicial attitudes about interracial marriage to make a uniformly good quality of life possible for all mixed-kids.

Bad Arguments Against Interracial Dating

They are equivalent, because they're the same situation. But where do you draw the line? Why not draw the line at being poor? A rich mixed race child born into a wealthy and well connected family will suffer fewer hardships and less discrimination than a poor black kid. Why not draw the line at having a rare religion, like being jewish or atheist in the bible belt? Or why not draw the line at being ugly or short. Unattractive parents my have a child who will suffer from their looks. Why not draw the line at having girls?

Women face more discrimination and negative stereotyping than men do. Is it wrong to not abort females? You could spend all day deciding who would never face hardship or discrimination, but in the end, there's a lot more to life than if bigots like you or not. Not to mention, a majority of black people in the US are not purely black, but have white heritage as well.

SJW Argues against Interracial Marriage

Generally speaking, someone of "mixed race" is considered black, and not treated like an outsider to other black people. Oh, and in more liberal areas and larger cities, you generally don't have as much racism or discrimination against black people or mixed race people. I would think it would be better to say that living in a more racist area is the "bad idea.

Is it really all about the children to you? Do you think interracial marriage is a bad idea if the parents are not going to have children? The difficulties isolation, social rejection, and familial opposition faced by biracial children cannot be overcome, and the opposition that they will face is of a much more extreme variety. Sure, the majority of black people in the US are not purely black.

For some unusual reason, these thoughts never entered the mind of the black man who once told me that biracial people "can never be trusted" because they always "take the side of the oppressor.